Veranstaltungshinweis: 18. Oktober - Hila Laviv: SommerHaus-CutOut

Im Nachfolgenden möchte Ihnen die DIG AG Hamburg eine Veranstaltung der Universität Hamburg und der Aby-Warburg-Stiftung empfehlen. Wir dokumentieren hier die Veranstaltungsankündigung, die ausschließlich in englischer Sprache vorliegt, und laden zur Teilnahme ein.

Curated by Gil Cohen.

  • Thursday, October 18th, 7 pm - Warburg-Haus - Heilwigstr. 116, 20249 Hamburg

Inspired by Anna Warburg’s memory album of the Kösterberg, the historic family estate of the Warburg family in Blankenese/Hamburg, Israeli artist Hila Laviv will hold an exhibition and performance event in the »Lesesaal«, the oval reading room of the Warburg-Haus. The album was given to her by her grandmother Charlotte Esther (Noni) Warburg, Aby Warburg’s niece and daughter of Anna and Aby’s brother Fritz living in Israel.

Hila Laviv lives and works in Tel Aviv. She studied fine arts from 1998 to 2002 at HaMidrasha School of Art, Beit Berl (BA) and from 2008 to 2010 at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem (MA). Her recent solo exhibitions include My rainy Day Book in Tel Aviv artist’s Studios 2016, Inside surface (with Johanna von Monkiewitsch) at Jagla Ausstellungsraum, Cologne 2015 and No capes at Gallery 39, Tel Aviv 2013. She participated in numerous group shows, such as Butterfly Stroke at indie Photography group gallery, Tel Aviv, in 2015, The Readymade Centennial at Haifa Museum of Art in 2013 and Israeli Post-Minimalism in the Seventies and in Contemporary Art at the Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, 2007, to name but a few. She is the recipient of several grants and fellowships, among them a Tel Aviv municipality grant for special projects in 2016, a Joshua Rabinowitz Fund for the Arts grant in 2015 and a scholarship of the America-Israel Cultural Foundation AICF in 2002-03.

Objects of remembrance and mechanisms of narration and history are at the core of her works: »My project is, among other things, an attempt to continue a heritage that could be disconnected and perish from the world.« She often uses simple materials and works with paper and scissors in order to transfer objects and their histories from a two-dimensional into a three-dimensional realm, from memory to presence. Her method of working with cut-outs explores frontiers of visibility and disappearance. In her own words:

»Though my work starts from my love and attachment to a story, my motivation is related to its mechanism. My method is surgical, using scissors and cutter, precise on the one hand and whimsical on the other holding on random things and full of the joy of invention. The works are moving between the concrete story and its shadow while the story fades systematically.«

On two evenings, visitors are invited to discover Anna Warburg’s memory album through the artist’s work. A film projection will be on view on the book shelves of the historic oval former reading room of the Kulturwissenschaftliche Bibliothek Warburg.
Guests are invited to take a seat with Hila Laviv at a table in the middle of the reading room and to investigate the mechanisms and history of the memory album in a joint work process. The performance is participatory, visitors and participants are free to move in the room, extending the experience towards meanings of movement, travel, migration, return and remembrance.

No registration required.

Initial event of the Warburg-Haus on the occasion of Universität Hamburg’s centennial 2019


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